A Better Region 8: Be thankful on Black Friday too

A Better Region 8: Be thankful on Black Friday too

These are important days ahead.  Thursday is a day to be together, relax and give thanks.  It's a day to reflect, enjoy each other's company and to reach out and help those in need. 

Thanksgiving is a true holiday. But like most areas, Black Friday has bled into Thanksgiving Thursday with stores opening at all hours. Hundreds-of-thousands of holiday shoppers across the state of Arkansas hit the holiday deals as early as possible.

But, the website blog "Estately" released a study showing the states where you're most likely to encounter fights at Black Friday sales. 

Guess where Arkansas landed on that list?  Arkansas ranks number 1. 

The website came to its conclusions combining Facebook posts showing interest in Black Friday sales and frequency of aggravated assaults from 2014 FBI Uniform Crime Reports.

Everyone likes to be number 1, but not when it comes to this.  We can do better.

Shoppers looking to spend money and businesses are a match made in heaven.  The business community depends on Black Friday revenue and I say if you enjoy shopping then go for it. 

Just be careful and most of all... be nice.  Taking full advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday and supporting our local economy by shopping on Black Friday are both uniquely American. 

Taking the thankful feeling of Thursday and applying it to Black Friday shopping might just help us come off their list and make this a better Region 8.

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