State Police Preach Vehicle Safety

March 10, 2005--Posted 5:00 pm CST

Jonesboro, AR--The Arkansas State Police say with summertime temperatures right around the corner, drivers need to stay alert on the road.  Arkansas State Police Troop ‘C’ Commander Mike Coy saying new teen drivers will also be hitting the roads over the next few months making defensive driving all the more important.


One of the main subjects Coy talked about was driving around semi-trucks.  These trucks can weigh over ten tons and are more than 75 feet long.  That much weight and size is not nearly as simple as the small cars and trucks normal people are driving each and every day.


“If you will just be aware,” Coy says. “They cannot stop and they cannot see like you can in your vehicle.  If you remember this you will be better off and them too.”


Some of the reminders Coy says people should realize is to always use your turn signals when in front of or around a big truck.  He also says to make sure you do not make any sudden stops in front of these heavy trucks.  In some cases semis can take up to an entire football field’s length to come to a complete stop.  In this time they can easily roll over someone looking to make a quick turn but being stopped by on coming traffic.


Last but not least Coy reminds everyone to respect other drivers no matter how big or small their vehicle is.  “Most of the time these truckers are very aware of the things around them.”  Coy Says.  “But they still need a little bit of help.”