More Opposition To Saturday Night's Nelly Concert

March 10, 2005 -- Posted at 10:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- "Somebody called me concerned about it, and when I saw it, I was concerned.  I know a bunch of other people are concerned about it too," said Bobby Hester.

Bobby Hester is President of the American Family Association of Arkansas.

He says people contact his organization about topics they feel lower the standard of the community.

He says since the announcement of the Nelly concert--he has been receiving numerous calls from concerned residents.

"They can rap 24 hours a day if they leave the vulgarity, ludeness, drugs, and violence out of the lyrics, and not glorify it to our young people," said Hester.

Hester and his organization are not alone in their opposition.

Last week, a group of community leaders gathered to express their concerns as well.

Hester admits he has never heard Nelly's cd.

He says all he knows is what he has been told, and what he found on the Internet.

"I went through the first twenty, and out of the first twenty I found 13 that were really bad, and about 7 out of that 20 were songs people might consider not all that bad," said Hester.

Opposition to Nelly's concert this Saturday at the Convocation Center has not hurt ticket sales--nearly 6,000 have already been sold in what is expected to be a sold out show.

"I do not want this in a building that I help pay for. If they want to go to a private place and do this that is their business--that's fine. When they go to a public place it becomes my business, and the business of the general public at that time," said Hester.

Hester has appealed to the president of ASU, and the Board of Trustees saying this concert is below standards set by the student handbook, and asking for the show to be cancelled.

"If that doesn't happen--we would like a guarantee it would not happen again," said Hester.

We contacted ASU Thursday afternoon, they had no comment on this issue.

As of now, the concert is still on.