Speed limit will not be reduced near school

Speed limit will not be reduced near school

HIGHLAND, AR (KAIT) - The speed limit will once again remain the same near Highland schools.

Residents and parents in Highland asked for the speed limit along Highway 62/412 near the schools to be lowered or for a crosswalk to be added.

This request followed an accident where two vehicles hit a Highland football player when he crossed the road between football games in September.

Mayor Russell Truitt put in a request to the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department to survey the area in October.

The department concluded the survey and said they will not make any changes. The speed limit will remain at 55 after school hours and 25 when the caution lights are flashing.

Truitt said asking for the study was the only power the city had to make a change in this area.

"We are at the mercy of the state, they control it and we have zero affect," Truitt said. "All we can do is ask for a study."

Truitt is the third mayor to ask for a lower speed limit along this highway.

He said the curbs along the highway also collect water during heavy storms, which has caused accidents in the past.

Since the speed limit will remain the same, Truitt asks drivers to be cautious in the area, especially after school hours when students are out.

The school board is working on providing snacks to kids after school so they stay on campus and do not need to cross the highway for food.

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