Local recycling project low on funding, employees could lose jobs

Local recycling project low on funding, employees could lose jobs

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Instead of celebrating a three-year anniversary of a recycling project, a company instead is left in a bind.

In November of 2012, Abilities Unlimited Inc. in Jonesboro, took on the blue bag recycling project from the city.

Within the past three years, a problem has occurred.

According to May, Abilities Unlimited is doling out more money than they are bringing in, totaling a loss of $380,000.

This means Jonesboro residents could be left without a recycling program and many would lose jobs, he said.

May said things have not panned out the way they anticipated when taking on the project 3 years ago.

"We haven't received funding through grants we thought we would get," May said. "The city, like many, has garbage paid for through sales tax and this makes it nearly impossible for the city to have tax or charge to cover recycling."

May said the company has spoken with the Craighead County Regional Solid Waste Management District to come up with a solution so the project can remain and employees will not lose their jobs.

“Our losses have become so great, without a solution we can no longer continue, May said.

He said the employees are hard-working disabled men and women.
Without these jobs, he said it would be hard for them to find another one.
He hopes they will have a solution by early December.

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