Successful Elk Hunters

Successful Elk Hunters

JASPER (AGFC) – The second half of Arkansas's elk hunting season is underway in north Arkansas. So far, 10 elk have been taken on public land and 14 have been taken on private land.

Successful hunters include:

Public land

1. Olivia McClelland, Zone 1, youth cow

2. Evan Ridenhour, Zone 2, youth 7x7

3. Ava Clark, Zone 3, youth cow

4. Troy Breedlove, Zone 3, cow

5. Zack Yancey, Zone 3, cow

6. Erica Starkey, Zone 2, cow

7. Michael Cole, Zone 4, cow

8. Chris Gage, Zone 3, cow

9. John Rye, Zone 3, 3x4

10. Ronna Rodman, Zone 2, 6x6

Private Land

1. Shane Easterling, 7x8, Madison County

2. Kavin Maybee, 7x7, Carroll County

3. Mark Mistler, spike, Newton County

4. Carroll Guffey, 6x7, Searcy County

5. Kimber Woods, 4x5, Searcy County

6. Hope Woods, 4x5, Newton County

7. Bradley Smith, cow, Searcy County

8. Jeffrey Jennings, cow, Searcy County

9. James McNair, cow, Carroll County

10. Louise Taylor, cow, Carroll County

11. James Anix, cow, Searcy County

12. Greg Woods, cow, Newton County

13. Terry Woods, cow, Searcy County

14. Steve Heath, cow, Searcy County