Scam Artists Victimize Hoxie Residents

March 11, 2005 -- Posted at 4:30 p.m. CST

Hoxie, AR -- "They took everything we had," said Georgia Huskey.

Scam artists struck Hoxie resident, Georgia Huskey, on Thursday afternoon.

Details in each reported scam are all identical.

Two men with linoleum made their way into an unknowing victim's home.

"He said he knew both of us--and that he used to live here long time ago. He said he was going to put in a business," said Huskey.

They talked to the couple for nearly an hour.

While they were talking, a third person went behind the linoleum they were displaying, and rummaged through the rooms.

A box with several thousand dollars, important papers, and jewelry--empty!

The Huskey's daughter, Mona, heard about the scam in Newport.

When her mom called to tell her they had been robbed.......

"I's the same people--that's what went through my mind," said Mona Adkisson.

Mona is grateful all they took from her parents was money and jewelry.

Mona hopes her parent's story will keep others from becoming the next victim.

"Keep your doors locked. I don't care who it is--if you know them, still don't let them in. I don't care, don't let no one in," said Adkisson.

Kenny Jones is the Chief of Police in Hoxie.

He says if anyone suspicious comes to the door, call the police.

If anyone sees the group matching the scam artists' decription, you are urged to call the local authorities.