Town of 'Colts' Stampedes to Little Rock

March 11, 2005—Posted 6:00 pm CST

Wilson, ARThe town of Wilson is empty tonight as many of the town people have headed down to Little Rock to throw their support to the Rivercrest Girls AAA basketball team.  The team is scheduled to play for the AAA title Saturday against Central Arkansas Christian.

A quick look across town showed almost everyone associated with the team had already left for Little Rock.  The team left on Thursday.  One of the few team supporters said it’s been a long time since he has seen the area this slow.  “It hasn’t been this slow since they won a championship the last time.” Shannon Jowers said.  “That was way back in nineteen ninety.”

Some of the most rabid fans were left behind for now.  Students at Rivercrest couldn’t leave a day early because they had state tests to take.  Most of these students hope to be able to travel overnight or early in the morning to Little Rock to help support their team.