Heavy November rains affect roads and bridges

Heavy November rains affect roads and bridges

RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Some Region 8 county roads are in bad shape after a very wet November.

Randolph County crews have been working to fix all the washouts from the rain and reshape the roads affected.

"When Randolph County gets a three inch rain we have problems, even a two inch rain we have problems," said County Judge David Jansen. "But whenever you get five to seven it always takes us two or three weeks to get back around and reshape the roads."

Jansen said one of the biggest delays in fixing roads and bridges is that the roads do not have time to dry.

"Especially in the fall and winter, the drying time is a lot less. The sun goes down a lot quicker and they don't dry out."

Randolph County has several county roads and over 100 low water bridges, all of which can be affected when lots of rain comes down.

Jansen said the areas affected the worst are the foothills where the rain runs to and the bottoms when the river goes up.

"We are making progress. It is hard because we have over 11,000 miles of roads in the county but we are making progress and we are trying to get them back in shape."

Currently crews are tearing up the Crenshaw Bridge, which has been damaged due to water.

Jansen said his crews are working as fast as they can and he hopes there is not any rain for a while so they can get the work done.

"Sometimes it could take a couple of week to make the rounds to all the washouts and then we go back around to reshape them if we don't get more rain."

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