Region 8 Seniors are represented on tree

Region 8 Seniors are represented on tree

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The holidays are around the corner and everyone is running to get their Christmas gifts.

But what about those who might be on their own this season?

Well, there's an interesting tree inside Wal-Mart on Parker Road in Jonesboro.

It's filled with paper ornaments and on those ornaments are the names of senior citizens in Region 8.

Wal-Mart Assistant Manager Justin Stevenson said the Senior Christmas Tree holds a special place in the heart of the employees there.

"The Senior Tree is very important," Stevenson said. "On holidays you think about your kids and what they want, but there are a lot of seniors that just don't have those people who think about them. So, what we did at Wal-Mart is we came up with this tree."

Stevenson said the tree has become an annual event and has been successful with the customers.

"We have people that love it," Stevenson said. "They come up and want to know what it is and when they come and check it out they say it's sweet and go ahead and grab an ornament off it and fill the list."

Bay resident Michelle Morton was shopping with her four–year-old daughter Peyton when she noticed the tree.

"I think it's great," Morton said. "Christmas isn't just for young children. It's for everybody. And it's sad that they elderly get left out."

Tree ornaments have a seniors name with a list of items.

Customers can buy the items and turn them in to Customer Service.

Someone comes out every other day to pick up the purchased items.

Morton said everyone should think about those who are alone this holiday season.

"Just give a little bit of something," Morton said. "They don't ask for nothing big. Like this one, they want candy, socks, perfume and body wash. That's easy stuff."

And Stevenson agreed.

"Go ahead and think about those seniors," Stevenson said. "If you come into Wal-Mart, look for the tree. You don't want to forget about the people that may not have a family."

Around 25 seniors are currently represented on the tree.

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