NWS Needs Citizens Help Dealing With Severe Weather

March 12, 2005—Posted 3:00 pm CST


Jonesboro, ARThe National Weather Service out of Memphis, TN traveled to Jonesboro recently to talk to weather watchers and the public about severe weather season.  Anyone who wanted to go to the class was welcome, and everyone who sat through the class was certified as a storm spotter.


“Severe Weather can happen at any time across this area.”  NWS official Scott Cordero said.  “That is why it is so important to have these guys as our eyes and ears.”


The class covered many things including definitions on what makes severe weather and live local pictures and video from past severe weather.  One of the most important things discussed was when and who to call in case you are encountering severe weather.  The NWS says you do not have to be a certified weather spotter in order to relay in information which may be of use to their offices.


“Those reporting severe weather and hazardous conditions should call their local law enforcement office.” Cordero said.  “They will relay the information all at once to us.”


While it is not advised to use your computer during severe weather if the Internet is available you can also feel out a severe weather form to directly report to the NWS.  This form can be found in the related links area of this story.