Crimestoppers: Phone stolen from restroom

Crimestoppers: Phone stolen from restroom

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Police Department is looking for tips in a suspected phone theft.

In the video from JPD you can see a man walk into one of the restrooms. As the report goes, the victim, an employee of the store, left her phone in the women's restroom.

According to the video given to Crimestoppers by JPD, the man attempts to use one restroom, but there's someone in it so he goes through the other door. JPD says he was the only one other than the person in the other restroom in the area at the time.

For the record, the victim says her Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, worth $500 was stolen.

If you can make the ID on our suspect, it could be worth cash. Call in that tip to Crimestoppers at 935-STOP.

On warrant watch this week JPD is looking for Fabian Berry. He has 15 warrants. All but one of them are for contempt of court.

Shaun Baker can beat that. His 23 warrants come from both JPD and Craighead County.

If you can lead police to Shaun Baker or Fabia Berry, it's worth money. Call in that tip to Crimestoppers at 935-STOP or text it.

Take your iPhone or Android phone and type in 2-7-4-6-3-7 or type in the word "CRIMES" if your phone can do that. Then, in the message, type in 935stop. One word, followed by your tip. Hit send and you'll get a message back from Crimestoppers with your anonymous tip number.

This is yours to keep for any future reward. That's how Crimestoppers works, 935-STOP.

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