Harp's Foods among businesses interested in Pocahontas

Harp's Foods among businesses interested in Pocahontas
Peco Foods is still months away from opening up operations in Pocahontas but already, other businesses are expressing their interest in the Randolph County town.
"A lot of contractors coming into town and it's not just Peco," Joe Difani told Region 8 News. "It's different businesses coming to town, from electrical people to grocery store people."
On Wednesday, Harp's Foods told Region 8 News that they are under contract for a piece of land in Pocahontas.
The site, located at the corner of Thomasville Street and Highland Boulevard, is being called a "possible project" by Harp's Foods right now.
Difani, a sales associate for Archer Realty in Pocahontas, said he has been working with Harp's Foods for more than half a year to find a location that will best suit their needs.
"It's developing," Difani said. "We are under contract with them."
As for the possible new grocery store, the city of Pocahontas is getting ready for when they give the go ahead too.
On Tuesday night the Pocahontas City Council approved the 2016 budget. In it, funds are set aside to make road improvements on Highland Boulevard in anticipation of heavier traffic.
Difani said Harp's Foods isn't the only business about to put down roots in Pocahontas.
"We have a fast food chain that's going to break ground in January. We have a shoe store that's wanting to come in next, probably in the spring. We have a strip mall that's wanting to come in," Difani said.
Difani added that they've also had an influx of people searching for rental property in town.

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