Leonard and Virgie's Place needs a new location

Leonard and Virgie's Place needs a new location

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - Leonard and Virgie's Place serves those in need of a helping hand, but now they are the ones asking for help.

Beverly Alford Thomas has been running the organization for years and currently runs it from her home.

"I am working out of my garage; I am also working out of my car and my van," Thomas said. "The weather this summer got very hot and this winter it is going to be bad and there is just so much I can do out of my garage."

Thomas had a location on Main Street in Kennett, but she could not keep up with the rent due to an illness.

Leonard and Virgie's Place is an organization that collects a variety of donations and then provides the donations to those in need.

The organization provides everything from food to clothing to toys--and even furniture.

All donations handed out are free.

"Everyone who comes through the door will get something from Virgie's Place, even if it is just a hug or encouraging words or referrals," Thomas said. "We try to help everyone in need."

Thomas said having a definite location allowed people to see what donations were available, but now they have to sort through several boxes to find anything.

She said any help in renting a new building or home would help Leonard and Virgie's Place grow and allow more people to benefit from the organization.

To donate or help with a new location, call 573-888-2280.

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