Police Cancel Amber Alert, Say Missing Teen Staged Her Own Abduction

Mylinjia Gonzales
Mylinjia Gonzales

MARCH 15, 2005 - Posted at 7:44 a.m. CST

JACKSONVILLE, AR - Police say a 16-year-old girl staged an abduction yesterday as a cover for running away to Mexico to be with her boyfriend.  Investigators said last night that Mylinjia Gonzalez of Jacksonville was apparently never in danger.

Jacksonville police officer Charles Jenkins said Mylinjia's name was on the manifest as a passenger on a bus heading to Mexico from Little Rock.  He said the case was being changed from an abduction to a runaway.

State Police issues a level one Morgan Nick-Amber alert Monday, that's the highest level of alert, after they were contacted by Jacksonville police.  But State Police spokesman Bill Sadler said about 8:30 p.m., however, that Gonzalez was apparently unharmed.  He said his agency had called off the alert.

Jacksonville police said later last night that she was, at that time, traveling on a bus to Mexico.

Earlier in the day, police had said the girl was apparently followed home by an abductor after a visit to a state office where driver's licenses and license plates are renewed.  Officers said Gonzalez called her mother on a cell phone about 11:30 a.m. from her Jacksonville home and told her mother that a man had followed her home.  Gonzalez' mother called Jacksonville police, and officers found the pickup truck driven by the girl in the driveway, the home unlocked, and the girl's cell phone broken on the floor.  There was no sign of the girl.

Police said last night that the call the girl made to her mother was a hoax.

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