Jonesboro City Council adopts property maintenance code

Jonesboro City Council adopts property maintenance code

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro City Council has decided to adopt the proposed property maintenance code.

The issue has been before the council on and off for several months.

They held their third and final reading of the proposal Tuesday night.

The city council voted 6 for and 6 against the proposal. Mayor Harold Perrin voted for the proposal to break the tie.

It will affect both residential and commercial properties in the city.

When the maintenance code was first introduced to the council earlier in 2015, former City of Jonesboro Communications Director Fritz Gisler explained that the code would protect the health, safety and welfare of Jonesboro citizens.

"We don't have anything between doing nothing and condemning property," Gisler said. "So all of those properties that fall in the middle, all those situations that fall in the middle, health issues, safety issues, a property that's been deteriorating next to yours for the last seven, ten, twelve years, we don't have any tools to deal with it."

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