'Linoleum Bandits' Sweep Up in West Memphis

March 15, 2005, Posted at 5:30 pm CST

West Memphis, AR-- Add West Memphis to the growing list of towns across Region 8 conned by the ‘Linoleum Bandits.’

The West Memphis Police Department confirms they are looking into a case which has many similarities to other ‘linoleum scams’ across the area.  “There are several similarities to cases currently open in Northeast Arkansas,” Sergeant Brian Shelton said.

The bandits are now credited with at least six con schemes over the past two weeks.  Victims say the bandits try to sell them linoleum.  Saying things like ‘I used to live around here,’ and ‘I just got back from Iraq and am looking to start a local store,’ to gain a victim’s trust.  Then once they gain entry to a home, they position the linoleum in a way in which the victim cannot tell one of the ‘salesmen’ has left to look for valuables in the back of the home.

The alleged West Memphis victim told police that she was approached by two white males.  The police say the men were possibly in a full sized white pick-up truck.  The truck is possibly an extended cab with a silver tool box.  Police add they are giving out this description to their officers in hopes of finding the vehicle and its owner.