Gr8 Acts of Kindness winner has passion for giving to students

GR8 Acts of Kindness: Sarah Yarberry

WYNNE, AR (KAIT) - Sarah Yarberry reads between the lines when it comes to her students. She understands when needs are great and resources to lean on are small.

"A lot of these kids just need someone to believe in help them do that," Sarah Yarberry said.

As a school interventionist, she works with students facing some of the toughest challenges.

"She is a gem. She comes up a lot of time after hours," David Stepp, principal of Wynne Junior High School. "Not only turning on a light for learning, but noticing the needs of students."

"I pay a lot of attention to shoes," Yarberry said. "Through Junior Auxiliary, I know there's a huge need that a lot of times kids will have holes rubbed in their shoes."

So many times, Yarberry takes her own money to right the wrongs of poverty.

"There's someone much, much bigger than us who will bless me someday," Yarberry said.

Now watch what happens when get to pay just a little of that kindness forward.

"This is so exciting! Look what we have here...408 dollars," I said.

Time for a short trip down the hall and the surprise of Yarberry's life.

"Sarah Yarberry? You are our next winner in the Gr8 Acts of Kindness Campaign! You give back to this community in so many ways...especially to the students," is heard as the presentation begins.

"It was priceless for the look on her face when she got that. Couldn't happen to a more deserving person. I try not to cry too much, but I was in the background and I was crying," said Stepp.

Not only does Yarberry give at school, but also by working as President of Junior Auxiliary in Forrest City, an all-volunteer community service organization that helps children and families.

"I have amazing parents that taught me that if it's the last thing you have, you give it to somebody in need," said Yarberry.

That's why she works so hard on JA's Angel Tree project--insuring this time of year--disadvantaged children in St. Francis county have presents under the tree.

"You know we have a lot of poverty-stricken families in Forrest City and I feel like it's never a child's fault," Yarberry said.

"We are so blessed to have you here in this community," I tell Sarah Yarberry." "First Community Bank and KAIT would like to recognize all of your efforts to help children today to be successful tomorrow. So we have something very special for you today. It's $408 dollars!"

Allen Williams of First Community Bank congratulates Yarberry. Two hundred more dollars will go to Junior Auxiliary's Angel Tree in her name.

"I feel like 200 dollars doesn't sound like a lot to people who have a lot of money. But, when you're doing a project for 200 dollars, I am thinking of all the things we can buy those kids. It will be wonderful," Yarberry said.

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