Mall at Turtle Creek Taking Shape

March 15, 2005--Posted at 7:00 p.m. CST

JONESBORO-- Jonesboro's Mall at Turtle Creek may have seemed like a mound of mud with months of rainy weather, but the walls are suddenly building.

"God has been good to us. The weather has finally been really good and we've been making up a lot of days," Bruce Burrow of Belz and Burrow Development says.

Burrow says the project is only two to three weeks behind schedule. The opening for Target and JCPenny is set for September, and the entire mall is expected to be complete a year from now.

Besides the obvious anchor stores like Dillard's, JCPenny, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Circuit City, other retail plans are hush, hush.

"It's not a situation of us not wanting to reveal. In fact, I'm excited about some of the people who are coming, but the problem that we have is because of public investment, they have to make an announcement to share holders and so forth. We've lined up just about every mall tenant you will see in every mall in America. We have some exciting new restaurant interests that we hope to get finalized in the next month or so," Burrow says.

Burrow says that the project has managed to attract several chain restaurants that are willing to open without a liquor license.

He says it is because this is such a rare project.

"The product we're developing and delivering is going to be state of the art. It's a lifestyle mall that is very unique to this country. It's the new generation of malls," Burrow says.

There are only two malls being built like these in the United States. Burrow says the project is cutting edge and is expected to draw in a lot of architects and developers to the area to see how it looks and operates along with a hopeful increase in trade area.