Police Expanded Search For "Linoleum Bandits" Several Hundred Miles

March 15, 2005 -- Posted at 10:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- Residents in Newport, Hoxie, Jonesboro, Corning, and late Monday evening, even West Memphis, have fallen victim to the linoleum bandits.

"An elderly woman reported that two white males in a white pick-up truck, possibly with a extended cab and a tool box, approached her about selling some linoleum," said West Memphis Detective, Brian Shelton.

When they left--the woman realized money and even a gun had been stolen.

For over a week now, this group has eluded police.

"We're working with Hoxie, Jonesboro, Newport, and West Memphis......," said Corning Police Chief, Jim Groning.

Hoping together, officials can catch the criminals on a crime spree who have so far, only targeted the elderly.

The investigation has even expanded into northern Missouri.

Police there are saying a group is using these same "linoleum sales" tactics to get inside homes.

For now, authorities here, say the search continues.

"I'm going to go door to door in the neighborhood where this occurred. It's mostly elderly people--maybe someone was home, and saw something," said Shelton.