Trumann Community Christmas Dinner Tradition Continues

Trumann Community Christmas Dinner Tradition Continues

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - People in Trumann have been gathering for 18 years for the annual Community Christmas Dinner.

The first year volunteers served a little less than 100 people, but 18 years later they are serving around 800 people on Christmas.

Courtney Wallis has been to every single community Christmas meal since she was young and said it is amazing how more people volunteer and participate each year.

"It's ten times the size it was when I first started so it has grown exponentially."

The event started to help feed people who needed some help during the holidays, or just wanted to have Christmas with many others.

People can either come in to eat at the recreation center, or have the food delivered if they can't make it.

Lindsay Miller has coordinated the event for 8 years and said it is the highlight of her holiday season.

"To me there is no better thing to do on Christmas than to go out and spread His love to people, and I feel like that is what we do through this meal."

Everyone who comes enjoys the food, but many also enjoy the community aspect.

"The children play and some of the older ones even get in the line and help," Mayor Barbara Lewallen said. "So it is just a great family event."

Many participants said this dinner is just another addition to their holiday traditions.

Coordinators at the event thank the community and volunteers for making the event happen grow every year by inviting more people to attend.

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