People of Corning worried of flooding around homes

People of Corning worried of flooding around homes

CORNING, AR (KAIT) - As rain continued Sunday morning, people in Corning saw flooding in many residential areas.

City officials worked during the morning and into the afternoon to block flooded roads and help those in the more flooded areas of town.

Jackie Thomas lives in town and said this is nothing new to Corning or his home.

"I've had this happen half a dozen times over the years where it would get up real high but you'd have to have about 5 inches or more in a short period of time to get this kind of water," Thomas said.

Other people in the town worked during the morning to try and prevent water from getting into their homes.

Some tried sandbags while others worked to clear drainage ditches and allow the water to flow quicker.

For some homeowners, the water was already too high.

"It is beginning to seep up under the carport doors and neighbors behind us are starting to move out furniture from their house because it's beginning to get in theirs," resident Jamie Engel said.

A few homes in Corning were already flooded by early afternoon, causing those who lived there to move their furniture out.

A woman helping one homeowner move furniture said the water was as high as her ankles inside the home.

One man in Corning said a reason for the large amount of flooding in town is because of the city's pump.

"Its just the fact that we've had more rain than usual, but our pump system is just not working," Frankie Hewett said. "We would like for the city to re-look at it and see if they can do something else for us."

Most people in the area said if the rain continues, closed roads will not be the only problem they will face. They expect it will start coming into their homes next.

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