Region 8 wrecker company recovers multiple cars from flooded roads

Region 8 wrecker company recovers multiple cars from flooded roads

CHEROKEE VILLAGE, AR (KAIT) - The Spring River at Hardy crested a couple feet below projection Monday.

However, multiple roads flooded before the water started to recede.

Monday evening, Bill's Towing of Hardy responded to their fifth water recovery of the day.

Bill Johns told Region 8 News that Sunday night they started responding to car wrecks due to the heavy rain.

"Accidents because of hydroplaning on the highway, just losing control, off in the ditches," Bill Johns said. "All this water has just been awful. It's been difficult for a lot of people to drive on."

Car wrecks quickly turned to water rescues though.

"I've been towing for 37 years and about the time I think I've seen it all, I see something new," Johns said. "One gentleman I tried to pull out earlier today was trying to get wood to heat his home and ended up in his own pond!"

Monday evening, Johns was pulling a car out of a low-water bridge at Cherokee Village for the second time that day.

During the first recovery, Johns said the water was much higher.

"If that guard rail hadn't of been there, it would have washed that car off and those people probably wouldn't have survived," he said.

Johns said situations like that don't always end well.

"It will cost you your life. I've seen it many, many times in 37 years of this business," Johns said.

He advised drivers to be aware of their surroundings to avoid having to be rescued from dangerous situations.

"These folks aren't from Arkansas so they may not be as aware of what we are around here," Johns said in reference to his most recent water rescue. "But jeez, look over there, look at all the rivers, look at all the creeks."

The Sharp County Office of Emergency Management told Region 8 News that Tuesday will be spent trying to make more roads in the area passable. Until they are though, they advise you to find another route if the road is flooded.

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