Region 8 residents stuck with no way out of town due to flooding

Region 8 residents stuck with no way out of town due to flooding

INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - There is no way in or out for residents of one Region 8 community due to flooded roads at every entrance to the town.

People living in Oil Trough are stuck until deep water covering the roads recedes.

Glen Willis with the Independence County Office of Emergency Management took a Region 8 News reporter through one of the road closures at Highway 14 west of the town to get a look at how flooded the roads are.

At that entrance the roads were under two feet of water. Other roads range from two to five feet under under water, according to Willis.

Willis said the town itself is not under water and residents do have access to a convenient store.

But if an emergency were to happen the only way people could be taken out would be by a fire truck that is high enough off the ground or by a helicopter.

Willis added that flooding is not new for the town. He said residents are used to it.

Town officials have been working hard to keep everyone safe.

"They are working together," Willis said. "The mayor, the fire chief, and primary lead agencies are in this and they are all coming together to help one another."

Willis cannot say when the roads will be open again.

"It all depends on the river flow from Batesville down stream to the Arkansas river and into the Mississippi river," he said.

With those rivers being flooded, the flow of the water could slow down tremendously and cause the streets to stay flooded for longer periods of time.

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