Emergency crews prepared to keep town's industrial area flood free

Emergency crews prepared to keep town's industrial area flood free

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - A local emergency management crew is keeping an eye on water that is continuously rising and could potentially creep its way into the industrial part of town.

Residents in Batesville are no strangers to flooding from the White River and the negative impact it can leave behind.

At Riverside Park, water is up to a door knob at one of the facilities.

Glenn Willis with Independence County Office of Emergency Management said they are concerned about the possibility of the industrial district flooding.

He said there are nine gates leading to the industrial part of town and gate six would be the first place water would breach.

Since the water is still rising they are on standby to insert stop logs into the gate and sand bag the upstream side of the gate so water will not seep through.

In 1982, the industrial district flooded causing several hundreds of employees' vehicles to be destroyed, according to Willis.

Travis Jobe, an employee who works at White River Distributors, said he fears something like this will happen again.

"My main worry is not getting home or being stuck without food and water," Jobe said. "You know, it could cause damage to the businesses and slow down production for our main income in Batesville. So, it's worrisome."

Jobe said it is always in the back of his mind that he will be put into a situation like this every time it starts to rain.

But he said he trusts the emergency management team to keep the district from flooding.

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