Swollen rivers flood roads, fields and threaten homes in Randolph County

Swollen rivers flood roads, fields and threaten homes in Randolph County

RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Flooding from multiple rivers in Randolph County closed roads, flooded fields and homes Tuesday.

Tuesday afternoon, county judge David Jansen declared the area a disaster as a result of flooding from the Black, Current, Eleven Point, Spring and Fourche Rivers in the county.

While the extent of the damage had yet to be seen, Judge Jansen said he declared the area a disaster as a precaution.

In the Biggers-Reyno area, the Current River flooded a number of areas.
Fields and county roads near the river were flooded. Right along the river, waters crept closer to homes.
John Lucas has lived along the Current for 20 years. He said in that time, he's seen his fair share of historic floods including the massive floods in 2011.
Lucas said there are tell-tale signs of when a big flood is coming.

"The fields across from me there are full of water," Lucas said. "They come all the way from Pocahontas from there where Current River and Black River joins...that's when we get a real big flood."

Lucas said thankfully, this flood is nowhere near as bad as it could b e.

That didn't stop others from taking precautions though.

Cody Hudson told Region 8 News that the farm he works for in Datto prepped for flooding before winter hit.

"We got all our wells and stuff off the river and as you can see now, it's coming up even more but I think everyone else around here in Clay County and Randolph got most of their power units off the river," Hudson said.

According to NOAA's track of the Black River at Pocahontas is expected to crest within the moderate flood stage between 25 and 28 feet.

The flood from 2011, the third worst flood on record, the river crested just over 30 feet.

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