Police investigate rape of woman in hotel room

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro police are investigating an alleged rape of a woman at a hotel on Gee Street Tuesday evening.

According to a Jonesboro police report, the woman, in her early 20's, flagged down an officer at the Deluxe Inn, 402 Gee Street, and told him that she had just been sexually assaulted in a room.

After she told him what happened, Officer Logan Harrell discovered that a man rented a room earlier in the evening and was able to identify him as a possible suspect.

An ambulance took the victim to a local hospital, where nurses performed a sexual assault evidence kit and police took it into evidence.

According to the narrative, the woman said that a black male approached her as she was waiting for a cab early Tuesday evening. The male told her "she was a diamond" and talked to her as she waited for the cab.

She said the driver of the cab had an emergency and could not pick her up.

"The male told her he had some money and would get her a room for the night so she wouldn't be sleeping on the streets and she could pay him back for the room," the narrative stated.

The victim told officers that the male used his debit card to get a room.

After a trip to a local store, the victim and suspect went back to the room. She stated the man stood next to the door as they entered the room.

When inside the room, the victim told officers that the suspect talked "about how he had visions about killing and seeing bodies exploded and that he was Jesus."

She told officers that the suspect told her to take a shower. She did so thinking if she took long enough he would leave.

She said the man then got into the shower with her but did not touch her. He put his clothes back on after the shower.

He told her to come out of the shower naked and lay on the bed.

"When she attempted to get dressed the male became angry," the report stated.

The police report stated that she was raped after he got angry.

After the attack, the man "let her get dressed" before he left the room with the room key.

She collected her belongings and left the room when she spotted a police officer.

Police are currently looking for the suspect.

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