Greene County issues a state of disaster after large amounts of rain

Greene County issues a state of disaster after large amounts of rain

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - After a large amount of rain, Greene County Judge Rusty McMillon declared the county in a state of disaster this week.

His reasons included the heavy damage many of the 6 to 8 feet culverts received in various parts of the county.

Some of that damage caused big holes to appear on some of the county roads.

McMillon said he had crews out looking for this damage but with about 1,000 miles of road, it would take some time to get to all of them.

"There's a lot of roads to cover," McMillon said. "Almost every road has a culvert on it and has a stream that runs through it. We're on the ridge and have the delta on each side of the ridge, so there is a lot of responsibility there. It's unfortunate sometimes we're not able to get markers out on roadways all at one time."

Some families have already been affected by the damage.

Dennis Mitchell's son was out driving Monday night when he drove into one of the holes on County Road 409.

Mitchell said his son sustained a head injury and was fine because he was driving a truck instead of a car.

After the incident though, Mitchell still had questions for the county.

"Well it surprised me why they didn't have the road closed off days before because Monday's rain did not open that up," Mitchell said. "I mean that had to have been before. It couldn't have been just Monday. We've had torrential rains all weekend. Why is it that it wasn't closed off?"

McMillon said they will work with Mitchell and his family to help them during this time.

He said Greene County will continue to work on the problems caused by the rain.

McMillon asked for patience from residents as they continue to work.

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