Region 8 residents gather to prevent homes from getting destroyed in flood zone

Region 8 residents gather to prevent homes from getting destroyed in flood zone

POINSETT COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Residents across Northeast Arkansas came together to fill sand bags for a community that might get hit hard by flooding.

"When I heard there was a possibility of it flooding again in this area, I just thought 'not again,'" Jennifer Barnes said.

Barnes is a resident of the Oak Donnick community that sits near the St. Francis River in Poinsett County.

In 2011, the area flooded over and destroyed her home.

"It got about 4 and a half feet inside the house and everything was ruined," she said.

This is the very reason why Trumann Director of Economic Development Neal Vickers wanted to help.

"When we began to see the water levels we saw and when we saw the interstates being closed up in the St. Louis area, we thought it's best we get busy," Vickers said.

He said he anticipates the water may get to a level that will threaten to breach the levee.

Vickers took it upon himself to reach out on Facebook seeking volunteers in Trumann to help fill sand bags and spread gravel in two low parts of the levee to keep floods from washing out homes in the area.

Vickers said he was amazed at how many showed up to help.

"Look at the heroes behind me who are here from Lafe, Trumann, and all around," Vickers said.

Bobby Godfrey from Lafe, AR drove an hour to help work.

"We just love to help people," Godfrey said. "If we were in this kind of situation we would want people to help us."

Vickers said they will work as long as it takes to get the job done even if that means working on New Year's day.

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