Randolph County flooding forces some out of their home

Randolph County flooding forces some out of their home

RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Even with Randolph County crews checking on levees and other flooding damage, some were forced to leave their homes this weekend because of heavy flooding.

Danny Ellis with the Randolph County Levee Commission said as of Friday afternoon they did not find anything that would indicate more flooding or damage in store for the county.

Ellis said the levees were fine and the water was beginning to recede.

Not everyone in the county was as optimistic as Ellis, though.

Melody Grant lives right outside of Pocahontas and her home is flooded.

She and her family have to use a boat just to reach the house.

"My home's gone, [my neighbor's home] is gone too," Grant said. "Because the mold and everything in there, we can't go back. My son is a severe asthmatic so there is no way we can back in there. We are just going to try to save what we can."

She said her family will try to save what they can, but she does not believe there will be much to save.

The Robil Addition in Pocahontas also saw flooding, but the water never reached any of the homes.

Tim Holderbaugh and his family moved into a home in the neighborhood on Thursday.

He said they saw a large amount of water right outside of their door.

Holderbaugh said he knew the area had a history of flooding, but he was overly not concerned that they would see the same amount of flooding the area saw in 2011.

"The owner told us it hadn't done that since then," Holderbaugh said. "We had a little concern yesterday when we moved in. We were like, is it going to start doing this? It kind of eased our minds by him saying that and of course they did the levee work."

Police Chief Cecil Tackett had officers out searching the town for any heavily flooded areas or damage but said they did not find much.

He said they did have a few concerned callers wondering about the levee breaching.

Tackett said with the water receding and no rain, he did not believe that would be a problem.

The city plans to continue pumping out water from the Robil Addition until all of the water is gone.

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