Missouri's social safety net shrinking with new laws

Missouri's social safety net shrinking with new laws

Associated Press

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri's social safety net is shrinking.

New laws taking effect Friday will reduce how long the unemployed can receive benefits and shorten the amount of time that low-income families can get welfare payments.

The limit for jobless benefits will be cut from 20 weeks to 13. The lifetime limit on cash welfare payments will be reduced from 60 months to 45.

Both measures were enacted when the Republican-led Legislature overrode vetoes last year by Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon.

Other laws taking effect with the new year will expand tax breaks for businesses and military retirees and enlarge the living space for dogs at commercial breeders.

Another new law will reduce the amount of revenue cities can get from fines and court costs for minor traffic violations.

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