Walnut Ridge returns to normal after heavy rain

Walnut Ridge returns to normal after heavy rain

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - About a week after heavy rain and flooding hit Region 8, one town said Saturday that they are back to normal.

Walnut Ridge Mayor Charles Snapp said since the rain ended the city has worked to clean out drainage ditches to allow water to quickly flow out of town.

Some of the work, like that around Village Creek, was done before the storms arrived.

Snapp said the people of Walnut Ridge were a big help both during and after the rain.

He said they helped identify blockage issues around town that could have stopped the water from flowing out.

Snapp explained that with the help of the people, Walnut Ridge stayed above water.

"We didn't flood," Snapp said. "We had high water, we had a lot of rain fast but it was handled properly and I'm not aware of anyone in the city limits of Walnut Ridge that actually had water in their houses."

Snapp did receive reports of some workshops around town getting a small amount of water inside, but he said this was due to blocked drainage drains around those buildings.

The city is not done with its drainage ditches though.

Snapp said they now know the problem areas and will continue to work on them this year.

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