High iron concentration blamed for town's 'dingy' water

High iron concentration blamed for town's 'dingy' water

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - Lately several residents in one Region 8 town have noticed some changes in their drinking water due to a higher than usual iron concentration.

Tracy Morgan, who lives in Trumann, said those changes are not pleasing.

Morgan described her water as "dirty-looking."

She said she will not sit in her tub to take a bath because the water looks "dingy."

"I'm all about hygiene," Morgan said. "The whole point of taking a bath is to clean. I don't feel clean with dirty-looking water."

Morgan said she has washed laundry several times since the water has been in this condition and many clothes have come out dingy in color.

She also learned quickly that accusing her husband of not flushing the toilet was a mistake.

"I can look at it and think he hasn't flushed the toilet, but he has," Morgan said. "I can flush it after and come back in here and it's dingy again. So I know it's not him."

Mayor Barbara Lewallen said this can be a common occurrence for any water system but this matter is lasting longer than it has in times past.

Lewallen said although the water looks bad it has been tested by the state under very strict guidelines and is still safe to drink.

She said Public Works Director Scotty Jones is chasing the problem down and working hard to clear it up.

Region 8 News reached out to Jones several times on Monday to find out why this problem is occurring. He was not available to speak.

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