Suspect In Custody For Attack On Rees Law Firm

March 16, 2005 -- Posted at 9:00 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- During the Wednesday afternoon lunch hour, police say Bennie Ross heaved huge rocks into the front windows of the Rees Law Firm on Enterprise drive in Jonesboro.

There were only two people in the building at the time of the attack, and while they were shaken.... no one was hurt.

Randall Miller is Ross' Attorney.

"He is actually very calm, and regrets that this occurred. It's one of those things that looking back, he knows it wasn't the right thing to do," said Miller.

Lorene Ross is Bennie's mother.

"He's been under extreme pressure in many ways, and in my opinion, he had all that he could stand and he just flipped out," said Ross.

Bennie Ross is a former client of the Rees Law Firm.

He is also the fiancee of one of several women who has a pending lawsuit against David Rees claiming he made sexual advances towards her.

"I think what happened is that some event occurred this morning that had to do with the lawsuit that caused Bennie to sort of go over the edge, and went over to David's office to have a discussion with him," said Miller.

Courtney Mitchell is Bennie Ross' girlfriend.

"I don't know why Bennie did what he did.....I guess he just had his fill of it," said Rees.

David Rees was not at his office at the time of the incident.

I spoke with him late Wednesday afternoon by telephone.

"It's unfortunate in the legal system people you represent are unhappy with the results, and sometimes unhappy with their lawyers.....take a look at what is going on around the world," said Rees.

Ross' mother said this very stressful time in her son's life simply got the best of him.

"I'll never believe that he intended to do any thing other than probably whip his butt," said Ross.