Woman petitions humane dept. to hire more workers

Woman petitions humane dept. to hire more workers

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - A woman is petitioning the Kennett Humane Department to get more emergency help after she found a dog in severe pain on the side of a highway.

The woman reached out to Region 8 News claiming she found the dog lying on the side of U.S. Highway 412 last month.

She stated in an email:

"I called the local police department asking for the Humane Dept. officer to come help this dog.  I was told they would try to get in touch with her. This was 6:10 a.m. At 6:35 no one had arrived, so I called back. The police department advised me they sent the Humane Dept. a message, but she was off on the weekends so I would probably not get any help."

She claimed her husband later picked the dog up and took it to B R Cato Veterinary Clinic in Blytheville.

The woman said, "Emergencies do not have a Monday through Friday 9-5 timeline. They happen at all times. Kennett, MO needs to either put their Humane Dept. officer on a salary so she/he is available all of the time or they need to hire someone that is on call."

Tena Petix is one of the humane department officers. She said the initial call did not come to Kennett police, instead she said it went to the Dunklin County Sheriff's Department.

Once the county contacted them, she and a Kennett officer immediately went to look for the dog .

They searched Highway 412 in the city limits and never found it.

Petix said she reached out to the woman via Facebook and said the humane department would cover the bill and take custody of the dog.

Petix said she did not hear back from the woman, who has since begun an online petition to get more weekend help.

Petix claimed the petition does not have anything to do with a lack of emergency resources.

"There is someone available 24 hours, 7 days a week rather it be myself or the other humane officer, which we do have two," Petix said.

Petix said they do not plan to add any officers to the team.

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