Police hope crash map leads to fewer wrecks

Police hope crash map leads to fewer wrecks

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - The Walnut Ridge Police Department hopes a new crash map will help prevent wrecks.

The map is designed to alert drivers to where most wrecks in town occur. It also provides information on what to do to prevent a crash.

Captain Jordan Cooksey looked into creating the map after noticing crash numbers have remained steady in the last few years.

Cooksey said he is pleased the numbers have not gone up, but the goal is to get those numbers down significantly.

By creating the map, he hopes drivers will be alert in the high-crash zones and be more cautious driving in those areas.

"The number one thing that I'm seeing from the accident reports is to just take your time and be a little more cautious," Cooksey said. "A lot of accidents just simply involve people that don't look both ways at an intersection or not stop completely."

The link to the map can be found on the police department's Facebook page.

Police chief Chris Kirksey said they are also in the process of creating a complaint map which will inform residents where robberies and disputes occur.

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