Randolph Co. judge assesses roads damaged from flooding

Randolph Co. judge assesses roads damaged from flooding

RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - For the first time since the flood waters hit, Randolph County Judge David Jansen was able to go out and assess the damage of roads in the area. "We've still got roads that we can't get in yet," Judge Jansen said.

Keller Lane just became partially passable Wednesday. However, some areas remained underwater. Those that weren't still underwater remained difficult to navigate.

"My road foreman and I both knew what we were gonna be looking at and it could have been worse," Judge Jansen said. It's still not good though. With water finally draining from the area, the severity of the damage was revealed.

Some of the worst parts of Keller Lane have ruts that are a couple of feet deep. "The good thing about this road is it's a busy road in the spring, summer and fall," Judge Jansen said.

Because it's mainly used for agricultural needs during farming season, it's not busy in the winter. "So we've got some time to get it fixed," Judge Jansen said. It will take quite a bit of work though.

Judge Jansen expects they'll be using a hundred truck loads of gravel to fix three of the most heavily damaged roads and that might be a conservative estimate.

"We'll get in here probably next week when the roads dry," Judge Jansen said. "Sometimes if you get in too early, the roads that you're using to get here are wet and you do more damage to the road, so we've gotta let it dry just a little before we start hauling some material in here and get this road opened back up."

Judge Jansen told Region 8 News that his road crews are working 10 hour shifts to grate roads that weren't damaged as badly.

He expects FEMA to be in Randolph County to make their assessments on January 15. He said he thinks the damage on Keller Lane and nearby Cox Road will qualify the county for FEMA assistance.

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