Faulty water well taken offline, water still safe to drink

Faulty water well taken offline, water still safe to drink

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - Trumann area residents should feel safe when they drink their tap water, even if there is discoloration.

Scotty Jones, director of public works, sent a letter Thursday to Mayor Barbara Lewallen to communicate the cause of recent water discoloration.

According to Jones, one of the city's main raw water wells started producing water with a higher iron concentration than usual. Jones said the well started producing iron between .16 to .20 ppm (parts per million).

Any concentration over .15 ppm can cause the water to look brown or bronze. This discoloration is caused when chlorine, used to disinfect the water, oxidizes the iron.

The maximum iron concentration allowed by the Arkansas Department of Health is .30 ppm. Jones said the water supply has never been contaminated and has always been safe to drink.

Jones said it's still unknown what caused the problem with the well, which has since been taken out of operation.

Residents are now receiving their water from an alternate well, which is producing water with an iron concentration less than .04 ppm.

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