A Better Region 8: Dreamers once again

A Better Region 8: Dreamers once again

Another drawing Wednesday night left no winners in the Powerball game. Estimates are already in, that Saturday night's jackpot will be over 700 million dollars…wow!

Let's take a second a think about what would you do with all that money? It's a pipe dream right? Instead of being so fast to dash people's hopes, lets instead – let them dream. That's one of the things I love most about when the Powerball jackpot gets so high like this – because it starts igniting the dreaming, and wonder in all of us.

Would we quit our jobs, give it all to charity, buy mom and dad their dream house, get out of debt, move to an island – heck buy your own island!

Don't discount people's dreams, and having a jackpot like this – only inspires and  encourages us to be dreamers once again.

For the grown-ups…do you remember how that feels? If only for only a second or two, I forget about deadlines, or budgets, or illness, or loneliness – dreaming about hitting it big lets us think about wild possibilities.

Now please understand that we all have to be responsible.  I'm not saying put yourself in debt trying to win, but two dollars? It is worth feeling like a kid again for 2 dollars?

Letting ourselves dream like we did when we were kids is something we need to do more often, and it makes this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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