Lawrence County woman asks boyfriend to turn himself in

Lawrence County woman asks boyfriend to turn himself in

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - A Lawrence County woman lost everything Wednesday afternoon as investigators search for her boyfriend.

Amanda Walley said she came home to her boyfriend, Donnie Owens, who was very upset about something.

Walley said he threw her down the hall and jumped on top of her.

She threatened to call police and said he just said they would be coming to a murder scene.

When Walley attempted to figure out what was wrong, she said he would only repeat that the police would be coming to a murder scene.

Walley said she was only able to escape because of her Pomeranian.

"My dog got his attention off of me long enough to run out," Walley said. "When I ran out, I was barefooted, had no coat on. I came to my aunt's house who lives a couple houses down and I noticed a lot of smoke. I noticed he burnt my trailer down."

When Walley came back to her home, she realized she lost everything.

Some of the people who live around Walley said on Thursday, they were shocked to hear what happened.

"I couldn't believe it," neighbor Terry Blevins said. "That just don't happen around here, stuff like that. Well I hope they catch him. That's what I want. Get it done, get him caught."

Blevins said he is now going to lock up his vehicles even though they are right outside his door after he learned Owens may have stolen a vehicle from a nearby home.

Walley wanted Owens to know that what he was doing was not worth it and that he should turn himself in.

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