Downtown Jonesboro group sets goals for new year

Downtown Jonesboro group sets goals for new year

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Downtown Jonesboro Design Committee met for the first time of 2016 to set goals.

The committee this year is made up of half newcomers and half former members.

The group goal is to help bring people to enjoy the downtown area. They also work on projects to make the area visually appealing.

The four main goals set for 2016 are alley treatments, additional green spaces, a connectivity plan and local artist and beautification projects.

Steven Trotter has been a resident of Jonesboro for 13 years and said he has seen the downtown area grow during that time.

Trotter joined the design committee to use his talents to help the city.

"I am an urban design and urban planner, but my day job is a graphic designer and so this committee was a perfect fit for me," Trotter said.

Trotter said the committee has grown over the years and more people are getting involved.

"It has been really great to watch. When we first started everything up many people were just kind of watching to see what we were going to do and what our purpose was," Trotter said. "I think they were wondering how they could get involved and if we would actually be successful."

The committee spent some time discussing other Arkansas downtown projects in cities like Conway, Helena and Fort Smith.

Committee members agreed Jonesboro has the talent locally to make these goals happen.

"We've got all kinds of talent in this committee alone, this is just one of many committees," Trotter said. "So it has just been wonderful to see all the talent come together under the Downtown Jonesboro Association."

Last year the Downtown Jonesboro Association organized a mural project. In fall of 2015, the mural was painted on the side of David Warlow's building on Church Street.

The committee discussed creating more of these murals in the future.

A ribbon cutting will be held for the mural Friday at 11:30 am.

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