Roads still closed due to flooding

Roads still closed due to flooding

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Flooding has some Arkansas roads still closed and drivers are getting frustrated.

Highway 230 West near Bono is closed for the second time in the past three months due to high floodwaters from the Cache River.

Christi Pyles owns a home near the river. She said there have been many drivers trying to get through the highway because they are tired of taking long routes.

"Everybody has to rearrange their schedules and get up earlier and they get home later," Pyles said. "It is very aggravating if you live on the other side."

Pyles said she is fortunate to live on the side of the river close to town because it is a long way around when the road is closed.

"Everyone who lives on the other side of the river and has to come this way for work has to go to Egypt or go to Walnut Ridge or Sedgwick and cut across," Pyles said. "And the school buses they can't go through it, so they have to go around."

Pyles said this area is very prone to flooding. In the past, these floods have ruined her crops.

Fortunately for Pyles the only issues this time has been the road closures.

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