JPD: Burglars poured bleach, household cleaners on man's dogs

JPD: Burglars poured bleach, household cleaners on man's dogs

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Whoever broke into a Jonesboro man's home didn't take anything; but the owner says they did something far worse. They hurt his dogs.

Tommy Duffel came home Thursday to find his door kicked in and home torn apart.

"My first thought was that my dogs got out and made a mess, but the more I looked around I realized pretty quick I had been broken in to," Duffel said.

According to Duffel, the break-in was not the worst part, it was the condition he found his dogs in that angered him the most.

"If I had anything missing that could all have been replaced, but what really burns me up is the way they treated my dogs, those poor little dogs," Duffel said.

Duffel found his two dogs shaking in their kennel covered in several types of liquids.

"They got them in the kennel and then poured bleach, vinegar, floor cleaner, cooking oil, anything they could get their hands on to pour on the poor dogs," Duffel said.

Duffel said his dogs are very important to him and it breaks his heart that they were harmed.

"It is pathetic that someone would do that to dogs," Duffel said.

When police arrived at the scene, animal control told Duffel the biggest worry was the bleach on the dogs. Officers said the chemical could burn their skin, so Duffel quickly gave them a bath.

He said the dogs are doing well, but he can tell they are shaken from Thursday's events

"They are very skittish today; they will not leave my side," Duffel told Region 8 News on Friday. "They are just scared."

According to the police report, several drawers in the kitchen had been opened and papers strewn all over the house. The suspects also went through the bedroom dressers.

Nothing appears to be missing from the house according to police and there are no suspects at this time.

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