Powerball draws hopeful winners with big plans

Powerball draws hopeful winners with big plans

DUNKLIN COUNTY, MO (KAIT) - People stood in line Saturday at Mr. T's on the Arkansas and Missouri state line with the hopes of purchasing a winning Powerball ticket.

The amount of the jackpot increased to $900 million Saturday morning.

Many people in line said they wanted to play just to have a chance at winning the money.

Manager Daryl Hopper said they expected more people wanting tickets, but only had people "trickling in."

Some said they were feeling lucky but others, like Dallas Shands, said he was not that luck but thought he should give it a try anyway.

Hopper said he has heard several people explain what they would spend the money on if they hit it big.

"I've heard them all about buying islands, going to space, donating a lot to different charities," Hopper said. "That's the biggest thing we've heard. Taking care of their family, making sure college is paid for."

Dana McCoy told Region 8 News she would just want to make people happy with the money.

Shands said he would give some to organizations he believed in.

"About 50,000 to 2 charities," Shands said. "St.Jude's would be one of that and Wounded Warriors would be the other. Most of it would go to [my son]."

Hopper said he was surprised to hear how many people would give some of the money away, but that it was a good thing for America.

The Missouri Lottery website said the $900 million jackpot was estimated to have a cash value of $558 million Saturday afternoon.

Since there were no winners in the drawing Saturday night, the jackpot is now estimated to reach $1.3 billion by Wednesday's drawing.

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