City Workers Remain Overworked

March 17, 2005--Posted 5:30 pm CST

Jonesboro, AR--For twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for the last seven years Leonard Jadrich has ate, slept, and lived the life of the Jonesboro Fire Marshall.  Similar sized cities usually employ at least three fire marshal’s to cover the same work load thrown on the shoulders of Jadrich.


“I cannot tell you the amount of times I have been forced to walk out of a movie or end a dinner date short due to my job.” Jadrich said.  I am it I am on call every single day, but there are a lot of areas across the city shorthanded and I know the mayor and city council are aware of it.”


For the size ofJonesboro there is simply more work than what Jadrich is able to handle.  “One person I guess can do all this work just not any one thing very well.” He says. Each year Jadrich is responsible for more than sixty one hundred inspections.  He does as many as possible but cannot get to them all.


The city knows about the problem and wants to help.  Mayor Formon admits Jadrich is among those most overworked, and added they are looking for ways to help ease the pain of heavy work days.