Pit Bull taken from front lawn of Jonesboro home returned

Pit Bull taken from front lawn of Jonesboro home returned

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro woman's 5-month-old American Pit Bull was snatched from her front yard while the family was home.

Maribel Rico said the people who took her pit bull thought the dog was lost and then returned it.

She said a red or maroon car with black rims drove up in front of her lawn, called the dog over, played with her and put her in the car and then drove off.

Rico's home surveillance system caught the whole incident on camera.

She said her son was feeding her two dogs and the suspects drove up when he went inside to get some clean water for them.

Rico filed a police report and gave them her surveillance video.

She said she was devastated when it first happened.

"I have been driving around to see if I can see the car," Rico said. "I was crying when she went missing, I was so sad."

Rico said her dogs are like family.

She said her other dog has been acting differently since Luna was taken.

"My older dog is not eating very well because he misses her," Rico said.

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