Hunter rescues dog floating down the river, now searching for owner

Hunter rescues dog floating down the river, now searching for owner

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A duck hunter found a dog floating down the Black River and now he wants to find her owner.

Jeff Moore with the Seven Mile Loop Hunting Club saw a mixed breed dog clinging to debris as she floated down the river.

Moore's hunting partner Todd Burton told Region 8 News how Moore helped get the dog to safety.

"She was floating, swimming and living on log jams out there in the river," Burton said. "He rescued her, put her in his boat and got the dog warmed up and got her some food."

Moore and others have been taking care of the dog, but they ultimately want to find her owners.

"So the dog is found but the owners are lost," Burton said.

Burton said the dog was scared at first, but has since warmed up to her temporary family.

"She was a little traumatized, but after a couple of days with our member who took her home she warmed up to him and is basically a couch dog now," Burton said.

The dog was found floating downstream from Lynn on the east side of the river behind the Swifton area.

The hunters have no idea how long she had been in the river.

"This dog is obviously a survivor, it has a large heart and it survived for who knows how many days out there," Burton said.

Those who helped save the dog now just want to bring her home to her family.

If the anyone has any information or knows the owner of the dog they are encouraged to call Daya Shipman at 870-930-8357.

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