Salary and Longevity Committee still working to finalize numbers

Salary and Longevity Committee still working to finalize numbers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Finance Committee met Tuesday afternoon to discuss a few items of business.

However, there is still no final solution to the salary and longevity pay issues for Jonesboro city employees.

"We've been running figure after figure after figure," Mayor Harold Perrin said.

The committee hoped to have something presented Tuesday so that the full council could discuss the issue next week.

The soonest it'll go through council now is in February.

The committee made it clear though that no matter when a decision on salary and longevity for employees is made, it will be retroactive to January 1.

Mayor Perrin said this has been a difficult process as they want to make sure the increase is fair and equitable to all employees, uniform or not.

"I think them slowing down, taking every step that they possibly can on that is better," Mayor Perrin said. "Whether you get it in March or February or January to me is immaterial, you're going to get it."

The Salary and Longevity Committee has been meeting for months on the issue.

Chairman Darrel Dover said Tuesday that they hope to have numbers ready to present at their next finance meeting. That information would then be presented to the full council.

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