Northeast Arkansas Humane Society expands

Northeast Arkansas Humane Society expands

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Northeast Arkansas Humane Society is expanding to give the animals more room outside.

The expansion is located at the back of the building and is a covered outdoor set of cages.

The purpose of the addition is to allow the animals to be outside even when the weather may not be perfect.

"We can use it during rainy days, snowy days, and really hot days we can get these dogs outside," Director Margaret Shepherd said. "So they can still have fresh air and light and we can properly clean the kennels."

Right now, the humane society can only let two or three dogs out at a time if the weather is bad.

"We can only get a couple of dogs out at a time and at that point we hurry and get the kennel clean, get them fed and get those dogs back in," Shepherd said.

Shepherd said letting the animals out and giving them extra space to play is very important.

"It is really going to improve their mental well-being by being able to go out and play with their dog friends, instead of being rushed back into the building," Shepherd said.

Shepherd told Region 8 News this outdoor facility will really help in times like the recent continuous rains.

"When it rains for days you start seeing a change in the dogs' attitude, they start getting depressed because they are stuck in that four by eight kennel," Shepherd said.

The humane society got a grant to help pay for the expansion and also fund-raised for the money.

Workers on site told Region 8 News they hope to have the facility finished by the end of the week.

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