Money made "For Motion Picture Use Only" circulating in Jonesboro again

Money made "For Motion Picture Use Only" circulating in Jonesboro again

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Counterfeit cash is cropping up in Jonesboro again. Since December, Jonesboro police have worked nine cases involving the funny money.

Jonesboro police worked a similar case two years ago when cash marked "For Motion Picture Use Only" circulated around the area.

In most of the cases this time, the money was used at fast food restaurants.

Now, the general manager of one area restaurant wants to warn others to be on the lookout.

"Yeah, motion pictures, I saw that," Shamim Hossain said about fake cash that made its way to his restaurant recently.

Hossain, General Manager of the Church's Chicken on Johnson Avenue said this isn't the first time someone has tried to give them fake cash though.
"Last year, we had a $50 counterfeit and we were pretty upset with that," Hossain said. "Since then, we're very careful."
Most recently, Hossain said a teen tried to pass a fake $100 bill at the restaurant.

He said he let him go with a warning.

"We warned him, hey, this is not a place to do that," Hossain said. "I said you know you shouldn't do those things. You need to go get an education."

Hossain said the teen left the restaurant only to return a few days later.
"Three kids came by with the same hundred dollar notes," Hossain said.

He then called police.
"A hundred dollars, they're pretty much taking our whole benefits of what we just made all day long," he said.
He wasn't the only business to contact JPD though.
Since December 2, nine reports have been filed about counterfeit money. Seven of those reports indicate the money used was $100 bills labeled "For Motion Picture Use Only."
While some of the businesses caught the money as soon as it came through, others didn't.
Hossain advises all businesses dealing with cash to be vigilant.
"Because it could be anywhere and they could suffer from it," he said.

While most of the recent reports happened at fast food restaurants in town, someone also tried to pass a counterfeit bill on to a cab driver with the Craighead County Cab Company.
A manager at the company told Region 8 News that they tell their drivers to be on the lookout for clues that someone might be trying to use fake cash.

They said thankfully, the driver was able to determine the money was fake before taking the person very far.

However, when the driver pointed out that the money was fake, the person took off running.

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